What are Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services?

A growing number of health systems, hospitals and other providers are turning to safe alternatives to traditional health care delivery. Remote patient monitoring services are not new, but the pandemic has accelerated interest and adoption of RPM services after COVID-19 presented various health and safety risks for in-person care. Remote patient monitoring services are growing in popularity, and they are becoming increasingly necessary amid pandemic challenges, staff shortages, high census and decreasing reimbursement.

RPM is the use of digital technologies that allows providers and clinicians to virtually monitor patients in and outside of traditional health care settings. Remote patient monitoring nurse staffing providers like Conduit Health Partners virtually augment the bedside care of patients in a medical setting like a hospital or another acute care facility.

Given the recent successes of remote patient monitoring solutions, many providers are permanently integrating these services, and their value is paying off.

  • Promote timely interventions: Through continuous virtual monitoring, remote patient monitoring services allow clinical staff to virtually augment bedside care. Remote patient monitoring providers enable immediate, timely interventions that can help mitigate potential issues before they get worse.
  • Support complex care: Remote patient monitoring providers like Conduit can be especially beneficial in supporting complex, around-the-clock care that some patients require in a hospital or other health care setting.
  • Improve quality of care and patient satisfaction. Remote patient monitoring services enable safe, timely, and accessible care options to support better quality care, and improved patient satisfaction.

Why Choose Conduit Health Partners as your Remote Patient Monitoring Staffing Service Provider?

Conduit Health Partners offers several virtual care solutions—including remote patient monitoring nurse staffing services, inpatient virtual care, and hospital at home—which enable safe, timely, accessible, flexible, and convenient care options to support better quality care, and improved patient satisfaction.

We partner with health systems, chronic care management organizations, device manufacturers and other healthcare providers to provide nurse staffing for remote patient monitoring services in hospitals and other acute-care settings. Our experienced clinicians and skilled associates will serve as an extension of your team to augment care delivery, helping you improve patient outcomes throughout the continuum of care while alleviating strain on your teams.

  • Medical device monitoring: Conduit partners with device manufacturers to monitor biometrics and facilitate appropriate client-defined interventions. Services such as this enable optimal outcomes and fewer hospitalization for those with chronic diseases.
  • Chronic care management: Our experienced team works in collaboration with our partners to develop customized workflows to safely manage patients with chronic conditions. Services may include monitoring biometrics, education and helping patients adhere to their medication plans.
  • Care Transition: Our teams virtually will support a patient during the post-acute period, decreasing the potential for readmissions and promoting the best outcomes.

Inpatient Virtual Care Staffing

  • Virtual hospital sitter services: Our skilled associates can remotely monitor several patients in need of hospital sitter services at one time, freeing up your frontline associates to care for other patients in the hospital. The virtual Conduit sitter will follow the client’s alert protocol to quickly launch interventions and bedside response.
  • Telemetry monitoring: Our skilled associates can support a solution for remote EKG monitoring and event escalation. The centralized solution promotes additional monitoring bandwidth with fewer resources.

Hospital at Home

Hospital at Home is a unique care model that provides acute inpatient care in the comfort of a patient’s home rather than in an acute care hospital. Using technology to augment in-person rounding, we can provide the same level of service for patients with specific conditions. Hospital at Home services are for patients meeting criteria for an inpatient admission such as those recovering from surgery; or for those who have chronic or other illnesses such as congestive heart failure, COPD, cancer, diabetes, or pneumonia.

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