Meet Stephanie Dixon, Lead People Officer, Conduit Health Partners

To celebrate Black History Month, Conduit Health Partners is excited to feature some of our incredible employees.

We asked our employees, to share stories of what gets them excited each day, what they are most proud of, why they enjoy working at Conduit, and highlight how a figure in black history shaped their career or life.

We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories as much as we do.

Stephanie Dixon, Lead People Officer

Stephanie Dixon, Lead People Officer, serves as an HR Strategic Partner responsible for workforce planning, organizational design, change management, and leader development. Stephanie is also a member of the Bon Secours Mercy Health HR Solutions Team, providing change management and consultancy solutions across the ministry’s footprint.

Who has been a role model for you and why? 

This question is really hard for me. Not because I don’t have role models, but because I admire so many different attributes, in so many different people. This makes it really hard to narrow it down to one hero, so I won’t attempt to do that.

I’d rather share a few individuals and their attributes that continue to inspire me.

Nannie Burroughs: She was refused a teaching job due to the darkness of her skin. But when racism and colorism denied her, she found another way. She went on to create a successful training school for black women and girls. This is perseverance coupled with not letting anyone get in the way of your passion. As a dark-skinned black person myself, I empathize with her experience, colorism is real.  

Ruby Bridges: Can you imagine being the only six-year-old black child in a school where no one wanted to touch, sit beside, or even see you. They hated her: and to feel and know all of that would seem to be excruciating on the heart. The amount of courage, confidence, and endurance that it took for her and her mother, especially during that time, is admirable. The ability to overcome is what I gleam from Ruby’s experience.

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