Meet Ebonni Anderson Access Coordinator, Conduit Health Partners

To celebrate Black History Month, Conduit Health Partners is excited to feature some of our incredible employees.

We asked our employees, to share stories of what gets them excited each day, what they are most proud of, why they enjoy working at Conduit, and highlight how a figure in black history shaped their career or life.

We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories as much as we do.

Emma and Ebonni Anderson (right)

When Ebonni Anderson’s mother was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia, Ebonni found herself naturally and comfortably stepping into a caregiving role. To be closer to her mother and more involved in her care, Ebonni took a position as a patient care assistant (PCA) at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, where she cared for patients with cancer.

“I tried to be an uplifting source of hope to help patients get better,” Ebonni said. “I often shared my mother’s story to let them know that they weren’t alone.”

Ebonni’s mom won her battle with cancer, and the experience ignited a passion that led Ebonni down a new career path: nursing. Ebonni is currently pursuing her nursing degree at Hondros College of Nursing in Cincinnati while also working fulltime as an Access Coordinator at Conduit Health Partners where she’s been since 2019. In addition to work and school, Ebonni is also a mom of four.

“Ebonni is always smiling, she is always willing to take on new things with a positive attitude and a go get ‘em’ mentality,” said Colleen Williams, RN, MSN, Ebonni’s manager at Conduit Health Partners since 2019. “I am extremely grateful to have Ebonni as a part of our team and I know she is going to be an amazing nurse!”

In her role at Conduit, Ebonni works with a large health system to coordinate their e-visit’s program, which directs patients to the appropriate level of care virtually. Ebonni’s tireless dedication to exceptional patient care is what guides her in her work at Conduit, and it’s why she’s committed to becoming a nurse.

“I love helping patients in any way I can,” Ebonni said.

During Black History Month—and every month—we celebrate team members like Ebonni who are making a difference for the patients and communities we serve.

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