Meet Tangie Lewis, Director Contact Center Operations

To celebrate Black History Month, Conduit Health Partners is excited to feature some of our incredible employees.

We asked our employees, to share stories of what gets them excited each day, what they are most proud of, why they enjoy working at Conduit, and highlight how a figure in black history shaped their career or life.

We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories as much as we do.

What gets you excited each day?

 I’m excited to see each new day! It is an opportunity to straighten my crown and make better decisions to help provide greater insight and growth.

What is one thing you are most proud of? 

Completing my Master’s degree while married, working full-time with a newborn and teenage boys!

What do you love about working for CHP? 

I love working for CHP because of the passion and oneness expressed across the team.

Describe how a figure in black history shaped your career or life. 

There are many, but I would say Ruby Bridges, who became the first black child to integrate into an all-white school in Louisiana. I, too, had a similar experience stepping into a predominately white elementary school as well as a predominately white middle and high school. I am encouraged and inspired by Ruby that at the age of six, she did something so courageous. Her story has helped and shaped me to confidently show up and take my seat at the table no matter who’s in the room.

Tangle Lewis

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