Meet Nancy Gregory, Contact Specialist, Conduit Health Partners

During Women’s History Month, Conduit is excited to feature some of our incredible associates. Our team is passionate about our people and recognizing them for the great work they have done and continue to do every day.

We hope you enjoy these inspiring stories as much as we do.

Nancy Gregory, Contact Specialist for Conduit Health Partners, is one of the many incredible associates who works in the front line of primary care for Roper St Francis Healthcare and ThedaCare Physicians. She is the first point of contact for patients and their caregivers, as well as the support role for the clinical staff.

“In my current role, I am blessed with the ability to impact patient lives. I am able to utilize my soft skills of empathy, compassion, and active listening with each phone call. In the past, I have truly felt that I made a difference. To hear a patient thanking me at the end of the call, with tears of gratitude for helping them access affordable treatments, counsel them in their time of grief, or just be a voice on the other end of the line who truly cares, is truly an unforgettable experience.”

Nancy’s commitment to serving her community did not start at Conduit but has been a part of every aspect of her life. Fresh out of college, Nancy drove out west to Portland, Oregon to take on a role as an at-risk youth Foster Care Counselor, and Foster Parent Recruiter and Trainer, supporting 13 counties. It was one of the hardest experiences of her life, but she wouldn’t change it for the world.

“For some of these kids, their life experiences were limited, so on my weekends I would take them to the arcade, or mall, as it was their first time ever. They hadn’t gotten many chances to be a kid. When given the opportunity to grow into themselves, to be a kid, they were able to flourish. One of the boys I counseled, whom many had given up on, ended up being accepted to Stanford, while a young woman who was in and out of foster care most of her life, still writes me cute little letters. She tells me that even today, she reflects on words I told her when she was in a rough place.”

Nancy Gregory
Nancy Gregory, Contact Specialist

Nancy’s commitment to serving others is something that stands out to everyone she works with. They are touched by her compassion and ability. Operations Supervisor Elizabeth Barnes had this to say about Nancy:

“Nancy exemplifies each value our Ministry encourages us to embody.  Everyone who has the opportunity to interact with her, can feel just how passionate she is about patient care.”

But for Nancy, it was hard to separate personal and professional life in that environment, yet she still wanted to help others, ultimately leading her to Conduit Health Partners. She was amazed to see such inspirational female leadership within the organization.

“At Conduit, I have learned to embrace my strengths and to empower myself and other females to collaborate for the common good. Instead of working against each other, we work together as a true team to provide the best care to our patients. To me, Women-led companies seem to be better at inspiring belief in their services, and I have never felt more engaged in my work.”

Nancy is a strong advocate for women in leadership. Organizations with female leaders are thriving relative to male-led companies in the following areas: strategy, mission, belief, communication, and autonomy. Countless times, Nancy has seen this statistic put into action within Conduit.

“Usually, a Company Mission statement is mentioned during orientation then never again, yet Bon Secours Mercy Health/Conduit Health Partners is committed to their mission, vision and core values each and every day. Our Vice President, Cheryl Dalton-Norman takes the time to incorporate the mission and core values in most interactions and meetings. She is a leader that truly believes in everything she says, which further empowers each of us to strive for excellence and compassion in all we do.”

Nancy has many female role models within Conduit. Specifically, Diana Simms, Elizabeth Barnes, and Cheryl Dalton-Norman. Each of these women has provided her consistent support, along with an open-door policy where there is always time available for her to meet with them and connect.

“Since first meeting each of them, I have encountered transparency and understanding to help me build on my strengths, believe in myself – and prove, a female may integrate her soft skills and empathy within a successful professional career as a positive, not negative, as so often viewed in the past.”

As times change for the better, Nancy understands that there are still some things that hold successful women back. She believes that to be successful, women need to take time to truly look inward and realize all that they bring to the workplace. She points out that women are more often seen singing the praises of others, and often face systemic biases in the workplace. She proudly adds that she’s never experienced this bias at Conduit, and as a result, has referred many past colleagues to pursue a career here as well.

“It’s almost an accepted truth that men have a better sense of self-belief when positioning themselves for leadership roles or negotiating pay. While many successful women feel inadequate and underestimate their worth, I believe awareness will bring about this change. Believing in their own value and recognizing their accomplishments, women will be empowered more than ever for growth and success in the workplace.”

Thank you to all of our incredible Conduit employees, we could not do what we do without you.